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Partners - I need your help for authorized Starbucks book

Green Apron Book, Coffee Master, and Customer Resistance Experiences needed!

You may have heard about a new book being written in conjunction with the company (for example, it has been discussed at Starbucks gossip)! I am the author. I am focusing the book at the Starbucks store level. Its deadline is February 1,06 and it is scheduled to be published in the fall by McGraw-Hill. (I have all the requisite permissions from Starbucks corporate for partners to participate. Please check out the following ( or email me at You may also contact

I am giving Starbucks gift cards and copies of the book, if your experience is included in the book.

As I approach deadline, I would appreciate your assistance. If possible would you share with me experiences you have had that:

involve the BE Knowledgeable concept. For example, where you have helped a customer learn more about coffee or wher coffee master training turned out to help a customer.
reflect a willingness to work with a customer's resistance or where you accepted criticism from a customer well

This book (working title the Starbucks Success Blend) pays tribute to the uniquely customer driven behavior of Starbucks baristas. The more you share the better I will be able to capture the incredible Starbucks experience. Respectfully, Joseph A Michelli, Ph.D.
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